DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS

                                                                 October 5, 2017

Harvest of  Horrow Hay Ride in St. Augusta - Students if you are interested in attending this event, grab a coupon in the Guidance office or Main office.  If you use the coupon, $3 will donated to the Student Council.   Go to www.harvestofhorror.com for more information.


Attention all students:  Did you know that earning senior privileges requires good attendance in grades 9, 10, and 11 as well as your senior year?  So have good attendance now and you may be one of the many students who qualify for senior privileges.  Senior privileges require a 95% attendance rate.


ATTENTION JUNIORS AND SENIORS:  You are allowed two college visit days per year.  A reminder that you must follow the procedures in using your college visit days:

1) submit to the office written permission from your parent/guardian; 2) pick up an absentee homework log from the office; 3) these arrangements must be made in advance of your college visit.  Students who do not follow these procedures will be unexcused and subject to detention or in-school suspension.


The following students should see Kim in the office for a picture at 9:55 today:

Andy Klehr

Jaden Evenson

Peyton Hanenburg

Taylor O'Brien



Lunch Menu:

Side 1&2: Chicken strips, brown rice, squash, steamed, fresh veggies, fresh fruit, fruit crisp, bread slice W/Grain and assorted milk.

Side 3: Deli w/Pasta Salad

Breakfast: Yogurt Parfait, strawberries, blueberries, graham crackers, juice and assorted milk.






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