DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS

                                                          December 1, 2017


5th & 6th hour Study Hall Students: Looking for some high school volunteers to help with gingerbread houses (paper) today!. You will be using hot glue guns to help first graders glue things onto tag gingerbread houses. If you are looking for volunteer hours, this is a great opportunity. See Sabine in the Guidance Office ASAP. Thank You.


Auditions for the senior high one act play Dear Chuck, by  Jonathan Dorf ?will be after school Monday, Dec 4th in the auditorium. Please pick up monologues at the Activities Window.  


Free ticket to the Timberwolves game and a free pizza to Papa John’s  - Papa John’s and the Minnesota Timberwolves want to Congratulate you on your academic achievement. Receive a free ticket to Saturday, December 3 or Saturday, December 16th game along with a special gift and the opportunity to shoot a free throw on the court following the game. If you are a 10th -12th grader with GPA of 3.5 or higher or a 9th grader of an A average 1st semester, see Sabine in the Guidance Office for a registration form and more information.


Reminder to all junior class/prom committee members that we will have the first night of our gift wrapping fundraiser tonight after school.  See Mrs. Keating with any questions.


Lunch Menu:

Side 1&2: Taco in a bag, black bean salsa, fresh veggies, apple, fruit churro and assorted milk.

3rd Line: Chicken Rice Bowl

Breakfast: French Toast, applesauce, juice and assorted milk.  




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