Behavior chart clipart"Clip Chart" Behavior Program

Foley Elementary School uses a behavior program that recognizes students for both positive and negative behavior choices. The program also gives students that have made a poor choice, the opportunity to work their way back to a good day. The program is called the "Clip Chart" program and is similar to the "School Zone" program in that students move to a different level depending on their behavior.

Unlike the "School Zone" program, students can move their clip up the chart for positive choices or down the chart for negative choices. All students begin each day with their clip in the middle of the chart which is the "Ready to Lear" section. They can move up to "Good Day", "Great Job" and "Outstanding" when they make positive behavioral choices. They also can move down into "Think About It", "Teacher's Choice" and "Parent Contact".

Our teachers are excited about the option of being able to add positive recognition to our program here at Foley Elementary School.  More information is readily available from our teacher's or office staff, so that parents may support students at home with their behavioral choices.

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