S.O.S. - Support Our Sports!
Foley Athletic Boosters are the #1 contributor to ALL Foley girls and boys athletics! We need YOUR help in continuing this tradition!
How Can You Help?

1. Join the Foley Athletic Booster Club. we meet the first Wednesday of each month; 8:00pm at Mr. Jim's. Annual dues of $1.00. Dues will be waived in hardship cases!
2. Attend FAB sponsored events, which include: pancake breakfasts, Merriweather Circus, Basketball tournaments, Golf Tournaments, and many other events.
3. Contribute directly or purchase a nameplate on our FAB 500 board. If 500 people/businesses contribute $25. or $50, we can raise up to $20,000.

Did You Know?

1. FAB has contributed over $5500 the past two years to the weight room for supervision and equipment to keep it free to student athletes?
2. FAB contributes over $2900 per year for trophies and student athlete meals and the Foley Athletic Hall of Fame for the annual Foley Athletic Banquet.
3. FAB sponsors two Annual Academic Scholarships of $500 each.
4. FAB donated $500 to Gary Robinson (Eagle Boy Scout) toward the completion of a Frisbee Golf Course for the entire community.
5. FAB contributes $200 per year to the FHS Graduation Lock-In Party
6. FAB donates in amounts ranging from $200-$250 for various athletic tournaments.

Your involvement is greatly appreciated! Help Foley Athletic Booster Club "SUPPORT OUR SPORTS"!