DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS

                                                          November 22, 2017

                                                        Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is an Advisory day. 11th grade in the lab and 12th grade in the auditorium.


Seniors:  If you are interested in attending the University of Minnesota Rochester campus and want to be considered for the Health Care Scholarship Program you must  complete the UMR Application for Admission, with all required materials by the priority deadline of December 1, 2017.


Please take care of your belongings and make sure that items are stored in your locker.  Items should not be left on top of lockers.  Items on the tops of lockers will be brought to the guidance office to be picked up. If are missing your books and or notebooks, we have gathered quite a collection.


Attention all students:  Did you know that earning senior privileges requires good attendance in grades 9, 10, and 11 as well as your senior year?  So have good attendance now and you may be one of the many students who qualify for senior privileges.  Senior privileges require a 95% attendance rate.


Lunch Menu:

Side 1&2: Chicken Gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, cranberries, apple, pumpkin bar and assorted milk.    

3rd Line: Sandwich Choice

Breakfast: Mini Pancakes, applesauce, juice and assorted milk.


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