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                                                   DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS                                       

                                                     October 13, 2020

                                                         White Day

Seniors: Just a reminder that your senior picture and senior quote for the yearbook are due November 9, 2020. The senior picture you use for the yearbook will also be used for the senior slideshow. You also need a baby/toddler picture for the senior slideshow.  Digital forms are preferred—send your senior/baby picture to . See Sabine in the Guidance Office if you have questions. 


Attention SENIORS: The four day break is the perfect time to apply to colleges.  Many colleges prefer that you apply online and the applications are easy to find and fill out once you get onto the college website.  The College of St. Bens’s and St. John’s University has an early action priority deadline of November 15. If you wish to be considered for a competitive academic scholarship or admission to the Honors Program at St. Cloud State, they encourage you to apply for admission by December 15 (reminder – you can apply free to SCSU). If you are applying to any University of Minnesota school, you should apply ASAP or before December 15. Please take time to familiarize yourself with the application deadlines.  It’s best to apply early!  After you apply you need to send your high school transcript to the college. Go to FHS Website/Transcript/Transcript Request. See Sabine if questions. 


Seniors if you missed the October 6th ACT test date and you still want to take the test on October 20th,  please let Sabine know by Tuesday, October 13th. Thank You. 


A representative from DunWoody would like to come on Monday, October 26th. If you are interested in meeting with this representative, please see Sabine in the Guidance Office. Thank You. Sabine 


Seniors:  October 1st is the start of College Knowledge Month.  A reminder to take advantage of the colleges that are not charging an application fee. A list of the colleges/universities and what dates you can apply can be found at ?Minnesota Goes to College - Free Application Opportunities?. ? ?Please let Sabine in the Guidance Office know if you need assistance in applying.  Reminder, once you apply you must request your official transcript from parchment, 


Lunch Menu:

Side 1&2: Chicken Strips, corn, mashed potatoes, apple slices, fruit salad, bread slice W/Grain and assorted milk. 

BREAKFAST: French Toast, applesauce, juice and assorted milk. 

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