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              January 19, 2021


The After School Program will  start today. We will be available to help students online and in-person Mondays-Thursday from 3:00-4:15pm. Students who are in school on those days will come to the media center to work. Students who are at home can access the Google Meet link through our Google Classroom. If you need to be added to Classroom, please email Sabine at


FFA members are reminded that if you want to compete in the upcoming Leadership development contests next week that you need to be signed up by the end of the day today. Contact Mr Stemper for info on those contests.


Any FFA members who are applying for proficiency or SAE awards are reminded that they are going to have to be submitted by Jan 29th. You can find the applications in your AET account.


Seniors interested in St. Johns/St. Bens: In addition to their generous four-year merit scholarships, the College of Saint Benedict (CSB) and Saint John's University (SJU) are offering an additional $1,000 per year to local students who apply soon. Maximum consideration will be given to students who apply by Feb. 1. if you have questions. 


Click here for more information on the Winter Clothing Drive sponsored by FHS Conservation Club.


Seniors: You and your parents received an email on Tuesday to fill out information for Diploma Name Spelling & Gown Measurement Survey:. Please complete by January 29, 2021. It will take a few minutes. Please contact Sabine in the Guidance Office if you have any questions.


This are a few reminders for when we return to hybrid onon January 19th

- at lunch, 3 students per long table, 2 per round table

- at lunch, please sit on marked spots only, and do not move marked spots

- in the hallways, please follow the directional arrows

- do your best to keep your social distance

- masks are required

- hats are not allowed


Seniors: Stop in the Guidance Office and pick up your Class of 2021 t-shirt if you ordered one. I still have many.  


Could the following juniors please see Sabine in the Guidance Office - Abby Lewandowski and Abby Stephens. 


Seniors: CentraCare High School Health Care Scholarship: If you are enrolling in a health care-related degree program, have a grade point average or above and demonstrate involvement in community, school, or work activities fill out the attached application.  DEADLINE: APPLICATION MUST BE POSTMARKED BY MARCH 19, 2021.


Foley is now offering an E-sports program at the High School level. We competed this last fall with a small group and are looking to expand. We competed in League of Legends in the fall but are expanding to other games like Rocket League, Smash Ultimate, and others! If you are interested in playing e-sports competitively for your school please contact Mr. Monson and join the Foley High School Gaming Discord!


Seniors: 2021 scholarship program – visit

The 2021 scholarship program is now open for application on our St. Cloud Chamber website. 

Students can visit the URL below to see:

  • a PDF of the scholarships available to their high school;

  • the outlines and requirements of each scholarship being offered in 2021;

  • and they can apply online.

NOTE: Please do not apply for the Coborn’s scholarship. The Coborn’s scholarship will be in the Local Scholarship Packet.  Applications are due by Friday, April 2.


Seniors: Just a reminder the Optimist Scholarship application is due January 29. A Foley High School student will get this scholarship. All seniors may want to apply for this scholarship. 



LUNCH TODAY: Grilled Cheese or Hot Dog w/WG Bun, chilli, tomato soup, fresh veggies, warm cinnamon apple, clementine and assorted milk

B-FAST TOMORROW:  Smoothie, Fun Crackers, and assorted milk.

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