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                                              FHS DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS

                                                            February 11, 2021

                                                          White Day for 10&11!                                                                             

Any FFA members that would like to compete in the Milk Quality / Dairy Foods and Horse Evaluation contests next week will need to sign up by this Friday.  See Mr Stemper for details.


“Friendly reminder to our student drivers from SRO Vickstrom: Every vehicle must have 2 working headlights and headlights must be on between the hours of sunrise and sunset. Headlights must also be on when we are experiencing weather that affects our visibility on the roadway. Such as rain, snow, sleeting, hailing, or fog. Please ensure your headlights are in working condition and are on. See And Be Seen! Any questions or concerns, feel free to see me anytime. Thank you and drive safe!”


Seniors: $1000 Taylor Brugh Scholarship: The Beautiful Mind Project. Every year they award a student with a $1,000.00 scholarship. For application and more information all you need to do is go to their website: and click on the scholarship link. 


Seniors: Keep working on your Local Scholarship Packet. Please do not wait until the last minute. Check and reCheck your work. 




Line 1: Chicken Patty w/Bun, assorted fries, garden/salad, spinach, peaches, kiwi, and assorted milk. 

BREAKFAST TOMORROW:Bagel w/Cream Cheese, juice and assorted milk.

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