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                 February 18,  2021

             Blue  Day for 10&11!      


It’s KINDNESS WEEK! Come on down (study hall is a good time) to the Guidance Office and guess how many jolly ranchers are in the container. Winner will get the container full! Winner will be drawn at 2:45 pm Friday. Sponsored by MHS.

11th Graders: Please plan on being pulled from study hall (this week and next) to complete the proadministration parts of the ACT test.

Ages 16 on up - Just a reminder, The Army National Guard is hosting a Career exploration and leadership seminar this weekend at the St. Cloud Armory in St. Cloud from 11-1, Saturday, February 20. RSVP at 320-333-7637 by the end of today. See Sabine for more information. 


There will be an in person and virtual fishing club meeting Friday morning at 7:40 am  in Mr. Carlson's room(woodshop) for new and returning student anglers.  Please join if you plan to fish any events this summer whether in person or virtual.  New members are welcome.


If you are going to be absent, or were absent, make sure that a parent calls, emails the office or sends a note.


SPRING PLAY: If you are interested in being in the spring play, please email Mrs. Hesch at  Include your first & last name, grade and if you are interested in a big part, small part or want to be in the tech crew. 


Juniors & Seniors: A representative from Alexandria Technical and Community College will be here on Tuesday, February 23rd. If you are interested in meeting with this representative, please see Sabine in the Guidance for the time she is coming and to sign up.  


Juniors: Please fill out the 11th Grade College & Career Readiness survey that we assigned in your class of 2022 google classroom. Thank You. 


Seniors: Keep working on your Local Scholarship Packet.  Thank You to those who have turned in their Packet. Check and reCheck your work. Feel free to submit your packet as soon as it is completed. DEADLINE: February 25th, 3:30 pm.


Half-Birthday wishes to  Please see the Main Office for your Birthday treat. 


Lunch Menu: Popcorn Chicken Bowl, fresh veggies, fruit salad, fresh apple, biscuits and assorted milk. 

BREAKFAST TOMORROW: Snack Bread, juice and assorted milk. 

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