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FHS Announcements for Monday, March 8, 2021  

Congratulations to Isabelle Corrigan and Gloria Kelash. Both got 6th place in honors at the speech tournament in Zimmerman on Saturday. 

Seniors: If you have decided your plans next fall, school, workforce, military, please come and fill out a form for  our senior wall. 

Quick updates from BSU: 

Juniors or Seniors:  If you are interested in Rainy River Community College, please see Sabine in the Guidance Office to set up a virtual meeting. 

Seniors if you are ready to  commit to BSU (Bemidji State University), please fill out the request for a Fall 2021 Registration Appointment here

Seniors Remember to sign up for the Graduation Celebration Lock-In before April 2nd to be entered into the Early Bird drawing. $60. See Sandy Stevens in the main office for registration forms and payment. Forms were also mailed to you on February 19th. 

Remember that if you come in late or need to leave early, please check in/out of the main office. Also, if you are leaving campus, make sure to leave at the time indicated by your parent.

Seniors: An awesome scholarship opportunity for Foley seniors:  All students going to any post secondary education should complete this easy application. 2021 Senior Scholarship Application - The Santiago Lions will be awarding 2 - $500.00 Scholarships. The Scholarship Award is to be used at any accredited 4-year College, Community College, Trade or Vocational School, and will be issued in both the names of the post-secondary school and the student. 

Recipients must claim this Scholarship by September 30, 2021

Unused Scholarships after this date will be forfeited. This Scholarship application must be received by April 9, 2021. Make sure you send you include your transcript. Attached is the application.

Santiago Lions-Scholarship

P.O. Box 175

Becker, MN.55308

Lunch Menu: 

Taco in a bag, garden salad/spinach, fresh veggies, fruit churro, banana, pears and assorted milk.

National Breakfast Week

Breakfast Tomorrow: Breakfast Burrito, banana, juice and assorted milk.

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