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FHS Announcements for Wednesday, April 7, 2021

We will have registration meetings for all students today during Study Hall.  Please go to the following locations at the beginning of the period:

Period 3 - Carlson, Cherne and Carlson - Auditorium

Period 5 - Lanners and Smith - Auditorium

Period 5 - Carlson, Hartmann, Koester and Score - Gym

Period 6 - Hartmann, Lowery - Auditorium

Period 7 - Lanners and Score - Auditorium

Distance learners and absent students will receive registration information via email.

Seniors: The Computer lab will be closed for testing 5-7th hour.

Prom outside date forms can be found in the media center.  Completed forms need to be turned in by May 7th.  A form is complete once it has been signed by student, parent, guest, outside administrator and approved by Mr. Kusler.


Lunch groups 4A and 4B will have the 3rd line open to move students through the line quicker. It will be closed after 4B lunch. It will be the same line as 4A and 4B.

Please walk down on the grey tile along the wall.

Please be patient. We will try to get students through in a timely manner.

Thank you, Ms. Pick, Cheryl and Lori


Foley Trap Shooting Highlights:

89 athletes will be representing Foley this Spring Season.

Congratulations to Hunter Olson for shooting our team's first 100 straight.

Earning 25 Straight patches this past week: Joey Gadacz, Haley Evenson,Elias Kobienia

Breckan Hanks

Foley Archery State Tournament Results


HIGH SCHOOL TEAM made the podium in 3rd place

2 High School Individuals made the State podium;

Riley Erkens 2nd place State tournament

Elaina Schneider 3rd place State tournament


HIGH SCHOOL TEAM made the podium in 2nd place

2 HIGH School Individuals made the STATE PODIUM

Elaina Schneider took 4th place Individual

Riley Erkens took 3rd place Individual


There was a copper ring found in the Media Center there was also a River City Dental stainless travel mug left in the Media Center. Please stop at the Media Desk to claim if either of these items belongs to you. 


Seniors: Please check your Class of 2021 Google Classroom for a special assignment for the Benton County News. 



Lunch Menu: 

Line 1: Deli Sandwich, Chicken Caesar Wrap, assorted chips, fresh veggies, applesauce, fresh oranges, and assorted milk. 

Breakfast Thursday: WG Donuts, juice and assorted milk.



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