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FHS Daily Announcements - Thursday, April 8, 2021

Seniors: If you have decided on what college/school you are attending, stop in the Guidance Office and let us know for the Senior Bulletin Board Window. 


The Minnesota Chapter of Women in Public Finance (MnWPF) is offering scholarships to women who will be entering their undergraduate freshman or sophomore year in the fall of 2021. MnWPF typically awards at least $5,000 annually. The amount to be awarded and the amount of individual awards may vary.  Applications via email to are due by 11:59 pm Central Time on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. The scholarship application form can be found on their website at


The computer lab is closed today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday).  Study hall students should report to the Media Center if they need assistance.


SENIORS – If you’d like to receive a “Senior Plaque” at the Night of Excellence Banquet this year, please submit the form which can be found in the Main Office.  Plaques list all activities that you lettered in throughout grades 7-12 and are free of charge.  Deadline for ordering the plaque is Friday, April 30th. Seniors with late submissions may still get a plaque, but it will not be awarded at the banquet.  


Prom outside date forms can be found in the media center.  Completed forms need to be turned in by May 7th.  A form is complete once it has been signed by a student, parent, guest, outside administrator and approved by Mr. Kusler.


Lunch groups 4A and 4B will have the 3rd line open to move students through the line quicker. It will be closed after 4B lunch. It will be the same line as 4A and 4B.

Please walk down on the grey tile along the wall.

Please be patient. We will try to get students through in a timely manner.

Thank you, Ms. Pick and Lori.


Lunch Menu: 

Line 1: Taco in a bag, garden salad/spinach, fresh veggies, fruit churro, fresh apple, pears and assorted milk. 

Line 2: Chicken Fajitas, garden salad/spinach, fresh veggies, fruit churro, fresh apple, pears and assorted milk. 

Breakfast Thursday: Bagel w/Cream Cheese, juice and assorted milk. 

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