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Educational Background:

BA - Gustavus Adolphus College
Majors: History, Social Studies Tchng
Minors: Psychology, Special Education

MA - University of Buffalo, New York

Minnesota and New York Teaching License 7 - 12 Social Studies

Foley High School and Facetime: Ms. Kroschel's Western Civilization Class used Facetime to talk to St. Cloud State's Professor Kim in the Netherlands.
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World History
College Western Civilization I/II
COLLEGE WESTERN CIVILIZATION I/II Grade: 11, 12; 2 Semesters, Ability = Above Average, 6 college credits Students who qualify (top 1/3 of their class) can take this course for 6 college credits ( Western Civilization l & ll) through the SCSU senior to sophomore program. World History is a two semester course which covers the course of Western Civilizations from pre-history to present day. During 1stquarter students will study pre-history, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, The Middle Ages, early European nations and the Belief Systems of the World (world beginnings to 1500 AD). During the 2nd semester students will study the Renaissance and the Reformation, Elizabethan England, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution and Napoleon, the Industrial Revolution, Imperialism, WWI, Russia in Revolution, WWII, the Cold War and the global village of 1945-present. Emphasis will be placed on how events and people have shaped the world we live in today, with further emphasis on developing critical thinking skills in history.
PSYCHOLOGY Grades: 11, 12; 1 Semester, Ability = Average, Elective Psychology is an introductory course to give students a general understanding of the main topics and issues in Psychology. Psychology deals with the development and study of individual human behavior. The course may cover: history or psychology, consciousness, learning, memory, intelligence, motivation and emotion, personality, stress, psychological disorders, psychological therapy and social psychology. The course is meant to give students a solid background for further study in Psychology.

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