A Little about Me
Hello, my name is Jennifer Monroe and I am the instructor for Language Arts 9 at Foley High School. I would like to take some time to introduce myself.

Where I have taught and what... After graduating from St. Cloud State University with a major in English and a minor in Spanish, I taught in the St. Cloud School District for two years at South Junior High and Apollo High School. When I had the opportunity to apply at Foley High School, I jumped at the chance. I have decided that small towns are where I belong. For the first three years at FHS I taught Spanish I and since then, have been teaching English. Currently, I am teaching Language Arts 9 and really enjoying it.
This past summer (2009) I finished my Master's of Arts in Literacy Education and can't wait to continue to incorporate what I have learned into my classes!

Contact Information:

Phone: 320-968-7246 ext. 3308
Language Arts 9
LANGUAGE ARTS 9 Grade: 9; 2 Semesters, Required Areas of focus in Language Arts 9 are composition, literature, and speaking/listening. Students are expected to participate actively both in the classroom as well as outside of it, completing literature, composition, and speaking projects. Writing components will require students to perfect sentence, paragraph, and essay writing skills. Emphasis will be on sentence variety, vocabulary, idea development, organization, and paragraphing within an essay. Punctuation, grammar, parts of speech, and vocabulary will also be reviewed and studied. The reading component will review and emphasize literary elements and will also include direct instruction of various reading strategies that will be applied to nonfiction and fiction short stories, articles, novels and poetry. Students in this course will be reading novels such as The Outsiders, A Little Piece of Ground, Romeo and Juliet, etc. In addition, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of public speaking. Speaking opportunities will include an autobiographical presentation, group presentation, and informative, persuasive and demonstrative 18 speeches as well as impromptu speaking opportunities. The length requirement for the formal speeches in this course will be 3-5 minutes.

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