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Foley Public Schools Home School Support

If you wish to Home School, ONE of the forms below need to be completed and submitted to Mrs. Kelly Gorecki at the Foley District Office by October 1st of each year to be compliant with state law.

  • Home School Full Report - Use this form if your student(s) was a public school student last year, or if they are new to Home Schooling
  • Letter of Intent to Continue Home Schooling - Use this form if your student(s) was  Home School student at the end of last school year. You may also document if there are changes to the Home School Student(s) also.
Additional information for your convenience:
  • Homeschool Information for Parents - information provided through MDE
  • Student Report for Aids to non-Public Students - This form needs to be submitted for Home School Student(s) if you are interested in receiving textbook/instructional material reimbursement, or Pupil Health Services and Secondary Pupil Guidance and Counseling Services. This form is due to Mrs. Kelly Gorecki in the Foley District Office by Sept. 15th of each calendar year.
  • Eligible Reimbursable Expense - This document from MN Dept. of Education outlines eligible educational materials Home Schools can be reimbursed for. This may be a useful tool for you to understand what may be reimbursed. It is important you save the receipts of the items you plan to be reimbursed for.
  • Health Immunization - Use this form to keep Home School Student(s) health immunization records up to date. All immunization records have to be up to date to be compliant with state law, or a notarized statement of conscientious objection needs to be submitted for each student.

Questions or Concerns? Feel free to contact Mrs. Kelly Gorecki, Administrative Assistant at the Foley Public Schools District Office, phone # 320-968-8609 or e-mailing her at