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Welcome to Foley Elementary Kindergarten!

We are excited about our innovative Kindergarten programs designed to help ALL kindergarten students “Fly like a Falcon”! 
Foley Kindergartners - October 2017.All Day Every Day Kindergarten Program
We offer all day kindergarten for all learners at no cost thanks to recent legislation at the state level that allows kindergarten to be fully funded. The State of Minnesota provides funding for a free breakfast for all kindergartners. We will be having a special breakfast period for our kindergarten classes where they will eat as a class sometime between 8:30am and 9:30am, depending on classroom schedules. We are excited about both of these funding opportunities that will allow our young learners to have more time for learning and a nutritious way to start their day.

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Ms. Emily Harren Mrs. Jarousek, FES Kindergarten Teacher. 2016 Ms. Emily Miller
Ms. Emily Harren Ms. Emily Miller
Mrs. Lyrenmann, FES Kindergarten, 2016
Mrs. Stuckmayer, Kindergarten teacher
Mrs. Sweeter - Foley Elementary Kindergarten
Mrs. Michelle Lyrenmann Mrs. Ashley Stuckmayer Mrs. Kaurina Sweeter
Mrs. Wolfram - Foley Elementary Kindergarten  
Ms. Anne Baker  



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