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Foley Volunteers

Foley Volunteer Reading Lab Grandparents - Jan., 2015
Foley Elementary Grandparent Volunteers help in the FES Reading Lab! Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers!

Volunteers Make the Difference!

At Foley Public Schools, and especially at the Elementary school, we depend on a great deal on volunteers and appreciate all who are willing to lend their time and talents to our school.  There are several opportunities available to help out - whether you are able to help on a regular basis, a short term basis or from home - there's always lots to do! 

Ongoing volunteers who are able to help on a regular basis are needed in the following areas:
  • Reading Lab
  • Classroom Volunteers
  • Lunchroom helpers
Short-term or one-time volunteers are needed for:
  • Artist in Residence activities
  • Field trip chaperones
Volunteers can also help from home in the following areas:
  • Counting and sorting fundraising labels such as Box Tops or Kemps Milk Tops
  • Cutting out or stapling project for classrooms.
A volunteer may be any non-paid person, including parents, young adults, senior citizens or other community members, who has a genuine interesting enhancing the lives of students and strengthening school-community relations.

Forms to be Completed
For the safety and well-being of students, district policy requires that all persons volunteering must have a Minnesota Criminal Background Check before volunteering for the Foley Public Schools. Volunteer handbooks are available in any of the school's offices or by downloading the Volunteer Paperwork forms from the link on the left. If you would like to volunteer at some time during the school year, we encourage you to have a background check done as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please call the District Office at 320-968-7175.

Thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers we have in our school. Together, we make our school a success!

Volunteers DO make a Difference!