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Wellness in Our Schools Program

Foley Schools Wellness Logo
Here at Foley Public Schools, we strive to incorporate Wellness into the lives of our students, families, and employees! 

Our Goals Include:
  • Incorporating healthy snack stations in staff lounges
  • Encouraging staff to increase physical activity
  • Encourage staff to de-stress and focus on mental health
  • Encourage healthier eating practices and proper hydration for staff and students
  • Encourage staff to participate in a Wellness Fair combined with Benton County Employees and open to the Community
  • Healthy prevention steps
Our School Board Policies include:
  • Nutrition & Nutrition Promotion
  • Physical Activity
  • Other Activities that Promote Student & Staff Wellness
  • Community Involvement, Outreach and Communications
  • See the full School Board Policy by visiting our Board Policy Webpage>Policy 533 Wellness

Foley Public School Wellness activities include:
  • Promoting blood pressure checks in the staff lounges
  • Providing healthy snacks of fruits & veggie trays in the staff lounges and bus garages
  • Wellness Fair for Staff
  • Hydration Challenge
  • Poker Walk for all Staff
  • Work with FFA club for our Farm to School program
  • Staff 5K Walk/Run
  • Staff & Family Flu Clinic
We strive to promote healthy exercise activity fundraisers, including an annual Foley Elementary Fitness Fest, Swim-a-Thon for the Swim Team, Run-a-Thon for the Cross Country Team, and many Benton County Fair Clean-up Duty Fundraisers.