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Wellness in Our Schools Program

Here at Foley Public Schools, we strive to incorporate Wellness into the lives of our

 families, and employees!

Our Goals Include:
  • Incorporating healthy snack stations in staff lounges
  • Encouraging staff to increase physical activity
  • Encourage staff to de-stress and focus on mental health
  • Encourage healthier eating practices and proper hydration for staff and students
  • Encourage staff to participate in a Wellness Fair combined with Benton County Employees and open to the Community
  • Healthy prevention steps
Our School Board Policies include:
  • Nutrition & Nutrition Promotion
  • Physical Activity
  • Other Activities that Promote Student & Staff Wellness
  • Community Involvement, Outreach and Communications
  • See the full School Board Policy by visiting our Board Policy Webpage>Policy 533 Wellness

Foley Public School Wellness activities include:
  • Promoting blood pressure checks in the staff lounges
  • Providing healthy snacks of fruits & veggie trays in the staff lounges and bus garages
  • Wellness Fair for Staff
  • Hydration Challenge
  • Poker Walk for all Staff
  • Work with FFA club for our Farm to School program
  • Staff 5K Walk/Run
  • Staff & Family Flu Clinic
We strive to promote healthy exercise activity fundraisers, including an annual Foley Elementary Fitness Fest, Swim-a-Thon for the Swim Team, Run-a-Thon for the Cross Country Team, and many Benton County Fair Clean-up Duty Fundraisers.