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Foley School Board

2020-2021 School Board Election Results
The 4 candidates below earned the most votes and have been certified 

School Board Elections Certified
The results of the School Board election have now been canvassed and certified. The top 4 vote getters will be the new School Board members beginning in January 2021. Results are as follows:
**Sharon Kipka - 2,681 votes
**Emily Lachinski - 2,1,37 votes
**Ken Anderson - 2,022 votes
**Patric Lewandowski - 1,997 votes
Amber Britz - 1,830 votes
Valerie Timm - 1,556 votes
Lora Lepisto-Brown - 1,050 votes
Write-in - 48 votes

Meet Our 2019-20 I.S.D. #51 School Board
Foley School Board 2018-19
(Front Row): Nathan Anderson (Vice-Chair), Ken Anderson, Stephanie Rudnitski,
(Back Row): Becky Howard, Emily Lachinski (Treasurer), Valerie Timm (Chair), Sharon Kipka (Clerk), Paul Neubauer (Superintendent)

Our Foley School Board members are elected representatives and serve a four-year term. They welcome questions, comments, and concerns relating to our Foley School District and take pride in being available to students, parents and community members. The board members are active in our community and attend many of the school functions, community meetings, and events. If you wish to communicate with the Board members, e-mail addresses are linked to their names above.

The Superintendent of Schools is appointed by the School Board as its Chief Executive Officer. He/she administers board policies, oversees the operation of the school district, and keeps the Board informed of the activities of the district. The Superintendent and administrative staff work together as a resource for the Board, and their recommendations normally precede Board action.
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