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 Mission Statement

Mission Statement

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Foley Core Values

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 Foley Strategic Plan 2015-16

Foley Strategic Plan Accomplishments


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Superintendent Paul Neubauer Superintendent:
Paul Neubauer
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Foley Significant Accomplishments
The Foley School Community has had several significant accomplishments in the past eight years.  This is a collective effort of the whole, (students, staff, School Board, community) and when we look back, I believe we will see and think of these years as significant to the educational programming offered by Foley Public Schools.  Below is an incomplete but important list of accomplishments:

  • Identified our Core Values as who we are and who we aspire to become as well as to provide emphasis to our Mission Statement
  • Establishing School Board norms and processes
  • Implemented all facets of the Strategic Plan forwarded in 2015
  • Improved our instructional core through standards based instruction
  • Adopted a Talent Development model where all students are valued for the talents they possess
  • Adopted a philosophy consistent with Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
  • Established Building Leadership Teams (BLT) to distribute leadership to those most closely impacted by leadership decisions
  • Promoted and institutionalized making data informed decisions grounded in research, best practices and common sense
  • Facilitated the implementation of FAST and STAR assessments and utilized the information to inform our instruction as well as SAEBRS to assess students emotional well-being at FES/FIS
  • Provided long term security for our financial obligations (post employment benefits)
  • Continued to grow our unassigned fund balance
  • Aligned our budget with our educational priorities as well as promoted transparency in fiscal reporting and implementation
  • Enhanced our facilities for tennis, baseball, and softball
  • Enhanced our programming through facility and programming improvements to Technology Education, Wrestling, and the Human Performance lab
  • Created safe schools through secured entrances, Raptor system of visitor check in, ALICE training, anonymous tipline and the addition of a School Resource Officer (SRO)
  • Promoted and continued to implement a Farm to School Child Nutrition Services program as well as initiated the Summer Meal Program.
  • Standardized our hiring practices, including advertising, onboarding, evaluation, and retention of staff
  • Established a host of new course offerings including life skills and robotics, unified sports, high school health, a school store etc.
  • Worked to create supportive positions in a budget neutral manner including a full time Activities Director, and full time Deans of Students at FIS and FHS
  • Supported and implemented the change to Google platform
  • Supported and implemented the change of the Student Information System from JMC to Infinite Campus
  • Implemented research based, supported, Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) at both FES and FIS
  • Promoted positive change at FHS to include the elimination of study halls in lieu of programming and shift from a 7 period day to a 5 period day as well as the addition of elective opportunities through a trimester organization
  • Implemented weekly communication with staff, School Board, Parents/Guardians, and Benton County News
  • Increased early learning opportunities for kids including expansion of preschool offerings and wrap around care.
  • Navigated the District through the world wide pandemic
  • Removed barriers to student success including vocational alignment for students with disabilities, creation of the LIFT (18-21 program), reading interventionist at FIS, 1 to 1 Technology, implementation of Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS), summer meal program, and implementation of Late Buses
  • Created opportunities for students to better understand patriotism through a district wide daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and an annual tour of the Veterans Memorial