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Open Enroll to Foley Public Schools


Become a Falcon!FIS Students - Nov2014

We hope you will choose to join Foley Public Schools and share with us as we work toward a bright future. We welcome you to explore what Foley Public Schools have to offer. Join us as we work to help students succeed every step of the way.

When selecting a school, the quality of the system and the variety of opportunities offered are important components to consider. We would like to invite you to visit Foley Public Schools to experience our schools for yourself. Be a Foley Falcon for a day before you decide what the right school is for you and your family.

Foley Public Schools is known for hiring staff who genuinely care about their students. Caring for students is a value of our district and is practiced throughout each school, from teachers to bus drivers to principals. 

Because of our school sizes, our staff has a greater opportunity to show their students how much they care. Foley Public Schools is a community-based school where each classroom becomes a place where students are encouraged to be curious, ask for help and be themselves. Our balance of size and opportunity allows students to participate in many activities and experience an expanded curriculum. We provide opportunities for students to grow every step of the way. 

Foley Public Schools also creates an environment where students have a history of achieving more. Our academic scores are consistently among the best in the area. We also experience success in fine arts and athletics, and we have a successful, gifted and talented program for high-achieving students.

We are proud of the Foley students’ desire to learn! Their dedication to education and preparation for the future is supported by involved parents and families, caring staff and a hard working community. 

How to Enroll
Open enrollment at Foley Public Schools permits kindergarten through 12th-grade students to apply to attend a school outside the district in which they live. Accepted students must agree to attend the new district for one full year. There is a 10 day application period for open enrollment pending the arrival of school transcripts and records. 

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