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Strive - Extended Day Program at Foley Intermediate School


Foley Intermediate School offers an Extended School Day Program.  The Extended School Day Program is called the Strive Program.  The goal of the Strive Program is to assist individual students in building needed skills in the areas of math, reading and personal/social development.  Teachers identify students who they think would benefit from this Program.  The student's teacher(s) develop a Continual Learning Plan that is evaluated throughout the school year by Strive Teachers and the Classroom Teacher(s). 

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The Extended Day Strive Program is typically held weekly on Tuesday and Thursday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.  Students who participate in other after school activities may leave at 4 p.m. with a signed note of permission from a parent.   Mrs. Wruck and Ms. Bentley teach the Strive Program.  The number of students is limited to 20.  The small group size allows students to receive more individual attention.  The students who participate in this program are in grades 4-8. 

During Strive the students will be doing a variety of activities that strengthen basic skills.  They will be working individually and in groups.  Students will have time to use computer learning programs.  They will also have time to work on school assignments with help from the Strive teachers.