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Our History, Our Story!

Our History image. Foley Schools, Foley, MN. Feb., 2016
Our History
Foley Public Schools has a rich history of quality academic curriculum, outstanding fine arts and athletic programs as well as committed community support. Founded in 1890, our schools have grown from a small country school to an impressive campus with a technology driven learning atmosphere! What started as a small town school house in a lumber and farming community has grown to our beautiful connected campus housing 3 year olds to 3rd graders at Foley Elementary, Grades 4 - 8 at our Foley Intermediate School, and Grades 9-12 at Foley High School. Our location just 13 miles east of St. Cloud, Minnesota, makes Foley Schools an excellent place to raise children in a thriving, caring community!

Our Story
Check out what students, parents, families and the community have to say about Foley Public Schools:
  • "I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how far-reaching your level of sportsmanship carries. During a Jr. High meet at Cambridge-Isanti, I was chatting with one of the parents of a C-I swimmer. Despite the fact that her team lost, she felt that it was important to let me know how Foley swimming has impacted her daughter and her daughter's team. The young C-I swimmer was so impressed with act of the Foley swimmers staying in the pool until the end of the heat to congratulate the other swimmers, that she has taken it upon herself to do that at other meets and has encouraged her teammates to participate in this act of sportsmanship. Thank you for being leaders and mentors."
  • “We have been very happy with Foley Elementary. We have been very impressed with the teachers that our children have had. My husband works in a different school district but one of the reasons we are still living here is for the schools.”
  • “I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your girls [Swim & Dive Team].  They were very welcoming and showed great sportsmanship. [For example] it was nice to hear your divers cheer for [our diver]. It really was a chance for both teams to help each other perform well. You have a great bunch of girls and we wish you the best the rest of the way.” -Little Falls Head Swim & Dive Coach.
  • A community member stopped in to the Foley Public Schools district office to sign up as a substitute because she “just loves this district.” She explained her experience in other schools in the cities and how our elementary is so much better than any other she has ever experienced. She spoke highly about how all our staff works to provide a quality education to students.
  • A grandparent shared the following story: Her granddaughter is in fifth grade this year and she still talks about what Mrs. Sweeter said to her in first grade. Mrs. Sweeter told her at the beginning of the year “I’m so glad you’re in my class.” The grandparent said that experience is what has allowed her granddaughter to enjoy school and be successful. The student obviously remembers what Mrs. Sweeter said, but more importantly she felt Mrs. Sweeter actually meant it and proved it to her all year long.
Sharing Our Strengths
We asked our Foley Public Schools parents and families what our greatest strengths are. Here are a few of the responses:
  • "Positive and energetic staff in a small, safe community."
  • "Staff and students - wonderful group of people working well together."
  • "Quality staff and instruction."
  • "Variety of activities for kids to participate in."
  • "Small classes (and) amazing teachers."
  • "Strong academic school system. Superb teaching staff. Beautiful school buildings/facilities."
  • "The teachers and the new schools."
  • "A fantastic staff."
  • "Academics, field trips, exploration days (at FIS), extra curricular activities."
  • "Can communicate with the staff, the size is smaller but still lots of classes are offered and more college credit classes being offered is a huge plus for Foley."
  • "They are a small school and know each child from the time they start kindergarten."
  • "Dedication to student development and their wrestling program."
  • "Positive parent involvement, recreation and studies well balanced. Many opportunities for extra study time during and after school hours.”
  • "Small town, one on one, knowing the staff, community spot, tractor day at FHS!"
Our History, Our Story Image. Foley Schools, Foley, MN.  Feb., 2016.