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Falcon Kids Care is child care provided for students school-ages 5-12 enrolled in our district.
Our goal is to create a safe, engaging, and nurturing program for all students. Falcon Kids Care will offer your child choices for creative, physical, academic, enrichment, and social growth through a wide variety of activities. Participating children have many opportunities to provide input into the types of activities that are available. We will follow all guidance from MDE, MDH, and the CDC.  

*Convenient- located at your child’s school. Creates easy transitions for students from their school day 
* Flexible program options are designed to meet the varying needs of each family
*Provides enriching experiences for children 
*Provides hands-on experiences and activities
*Fosters academic growth and provides academic time

2022-2023 School Year Registration Open
We are currently full at Falcon Kids Care (before/after/nonschool day care). We have started a waitlist and are trying to accommodate families the best we can. If you are interested in care, please complete the waitlist registration below. 

Falcon Kids Care Registration - Waitlist (HERE)
Falcon Kids Care Parent Handbook (HERE)
Parent Agreement (HERE)

Before School: 6:00am-7:55 am
After School: 3:00 pm-6:00 pm
Full Days: 6:00 am-6:00 pm

Before School: $8/day/child
After School: $12/day/child
Full Day: $35/day/child
Half Day: $26/day/child (4 hours or less)