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About Foley Public Schools


We are pleased to welcome you to our community. Foley Public Schools provide an engaging environment for student-focused learning. It is our belief that children and families will experience a warm welcome in our learning community.

Our Mission
The Foley Public Schools' mission is to bring together students, parents, staff, and community to provide a quality education with an emphasis on developing the full potential of the individual. We strongly believe in encouraging not only academic success but also personal growth. Our staff understands the importance of nurturing the whole individual, and we pride ourselves in developing our students.

Our Motto

"Helping Students Succeed Every Step of the Way" is the motto of Foley Public Schools. This philosophy is actively engaged each day across our three combined campus buildings. Foley's academic excellence provides students with challenges and positive reinforcements at each step of their education.

Families living outside our district are invited to consider open enrollment. All are welcome at Foley Public Schools! To enroll your student or if you would like more information, please visit our Open Enrollment web page or call the Foley Public Schools District Office at 320-968-7175. Year round staff will be happy to take your call and answer any questions you may have.

Foley Public Schools encourages all community members to consider volunteering in our schools. Our faculty greatly appreciate the assistance they receive from parents, grandparents and community members who want to be a part of the educational experience of our children.  Check out the Volunteer website for complete information!
Foley Public Schools, Fall 2012