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 Seventh Grade Teachers

Mr. Mike Beier, Social Studies

Mrs. Jill Carlson-Maehren, English

Mr. Lyle Freudenberg, Science

Mrs. Stephanie Rahm, Math

Mr. Trent Robertson - Computers

Ms. Kelly Rasmussen - Reading


Welcome to Seventh Grade

In seventh grade, Language Arts students will work on reading and test taking strategies, vocabulary development, and will actively participate in reading comprehension activities. Some of the main topics covered include identifying main idea, making inferences, and using context clues to name a few. Students will also learn about the literature terms and apply this knowledge to analyzing different pieces of literature. They will use the Kansas Paragraph Strategy and Six Traits when writing their reflections. Students will also brush up their grammar skills and practice editing skills using the Daily Oral Language Program.

The seventh grade science course is based on living organisms. In the fall, the main focus is the environment. The students will cover water pollution, biomes and how animals adapt to each other and their environment. The second quarter is spent on cells and heredity. This unit is concluded with how genetics can be used to solve crimes. The third quarter has the student investigate themselves, with the study of the human body. Finally in the fourth quarter animals will be the main focus, as the animal kingdom is looked, starting with the simplest animals and concluding with the vertebrates.

To help us understand the present we learn about our past. Seventh grade Social students will study the beginnings of American History with Native Americans and continue their journey through Reconstruction. Major themes will include the American Revolution, The Constitution and the Civil War. We will analyze these events, study the individuals involved and the impact it had on us then and now.