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 Fifth Grade Teachers

Ms. Emily Adamsheck

Mrs. Katie Heine

Mr. Nathan Larison

Mrs. Greer Kosidowski

Mr. Jay Storkamp

Ms. Kelley Ludwig

FIS Fifth Grade
Students in fifth grade social studies learn about the peopling of our continent. This study starts during the last ice age and spans the age of discovery with the first Europeans through colonization and ends with the Revolutionary War. The lives of the people are studied as well as their habitat and cultures. Through the study of the people and their cultures the students will see how our country has developed to include people from many different places and backgrounds.

In fifth grade science class we will start by studying some basic science concepts such as the scientific method, how to correctly perform experiments, the scientific inquiry process, measuring, graphing, and other skills needed to be successful in science. From there we will be getting into more specific science topics such as water (properties of H2O), landforms, simple machines, motion, energy, weather, life science topics, and other related general science topics. This class will be very hands-on where students will be encouraged to question things and use the scientific inquiry process. In this class I will use a variety of assessment to measure student development including projects, labs, tests, daily work, group work, and quizzes.

In fifth grade language arts, students will explore many different aspects of writing and language. The year will start off by distinguishing between the different kinds of sentences, sentence structure and more! As the year progresses, students will work on different parts of speech, sentence structure, writing more complex sentences and much more! To show their knowledge on the different parts of grammar, students will have the opportunity to create many original pieces of writing; from poetry to a personal narrative. Students will also work on spelling and handwriting within the language arts course. For more information on language arts, please see Ms. Bentley’s Moodle page.