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Foley High School
High School Notice

Foley High School does not post a specific School Supply List. Individual teachers will notify students at Open House and on the first day of classes of any specific supplies needed. Typically supplies needed are notebooks, folders, pencils & pens. All students are encouraged (but not required) to purchase an inexpensive flashdisk (jump drive) to transport homework to and from home digitally.

Foley High School 2020-21 School Supply List
Traditionally, Foley High School has not published a specific school supply list as individual student preferences and needs vary by student. However, given the uniqueness posed by the 2020-21 school year, this list is being published and shared as suggested supplies for the coming school year. There will be minial use of "communal" supplies such as markers, etc. and students are encouraged to have their own supplies as outlined in the FHS 2020-21 School Supply List.

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