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Spanish 4

SPANISH 4 Grades: 12; 2 Semesters, Ability = All, Prerequisite = Spanish 3
*Spanish 3 and 4 have frequently been offered as a combined class. Therefore, the course content is alternated so that there is no duplication of coursework. To receive high school credit for both Spanish 3 and 4, students will need to complete both courses.
Students will continue to acquire reading, writing, listening, and speaking proficiency in addition to learning cultural information. Students will learn vocabulary and cultural information needed to assist them in a variety of career settings such as business, medical, law enforcement, and service occupations. Students may also devote more time to literature often reserved for Advanced Placement courses.

This course may be offered for college credit through St. Cloud State University for those seniors who meet admission criteria. (Intermediate Spanish 201)

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