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Advanced Metals

ADVANCED METALS Grades: 10, 11, 12; 1 Semester, Prerequisite = Welding, Machining and Sheet Metal, Fees Involved.
This course will allow students the opportunity to explore the areas of metal working which are most interesting to the student. Basically, the student will have three options:

Option 1 – Students will begin to discover and develop advanced engineering practices along with manufacturing processes.  These students will use CAD (computer aided drafting) software to develop models and transfer them to the CNC lathe, and CNC plasma cutter to create a project that they have designed.  Past examples include Brush Guards, Snowmobile lifts, Skid loader implements and more

Option 2 - Students can work with advanced forms of welding with different material types including stainless steel and aluminum to create a project that they have designed.  These skills are extremely valuable for students looking to go into welding or fabrication as employers look for employees with experience working with a wide variety of materials.  Examples of possible projects include truck mounted dog boxes, Four wheeler racks, ice fishing equipment and more.

Option 3 – Students may work on an approved project of their choice or hone their skills in desired areas of the metal shop.

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