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Intro to Guitar

INTRO TO GUITAR Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12; 1 Semester, No Prerequisite, Need a guitar.

Have you always wanted to play the guitar? It’s easier than you think.  After just learning a few chords, you will be able to play a variety of different country, pop, blues and folk songs. And that’s just the first couple of weeks! In Intro to Guitar, not only will you be playing guitar, but you will understand the many different musical genres that have influenced the guitar as well as how to read music and a basic understanding of musical theory and vocabulary. 5 units will be covered including Acoustic Guitars, Folk Music, Blues Music, Classical Music and Rock Music.

A public performance will be held near the end of the semester. Students will perform with the class as a large group and have the opportunity to perform in a solo or small ensemble. All students enrolled in this class are required to perform.

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