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Wind Ensemble

WIND ENSEMBLE Grades: 10, 11, 12; 2 Semesters, 2 credits per year
consent of the high school band director. Prerequisite = Member of the Varsity Band for at least 1 year. Chosen by ability, leadership, and commitment to excellence. Membership in the Wind Ensemble includes daily rehearsals, 2-3 concerts per year, and 1-2 pep bands per week during fall and winter activities and 1 lesson per quarter. As a member of the Wind Ensemble, students have the opportunity to be in the Jazz Band. Rehearsals for Jazz Band are in the morning before school.

Students in Wind Ensemble will have the opportunity to meet a HIGH STANDARD in music by performing a solo and/or ensembles as a performance package in this area. The student, as a member of Wind Ensemble, will study and perform *at the "proficient" level of the National Standards for Art Education as evaluated by your band director or contest adjudicator.

The student will understand the expressive and technical elements of an art form.
The student will understand the creative decision-making process in studying the music.
The student will
perform the piece at the proficient level of the National Standards for Arts Education.
The student will
incorporate the appropriate use of technology.
The student will demonstrate the ability to play using the following elements of performance: characteristic tone color, accurate rhythm, correct intonation, stylistic phrasing, accurate articulation, balance/blend to context, performance presentation, and interpretation of style.

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