Michele Gross
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Language Arts Teacher
Musical Director
Speech Coach

Room: 305
Phone Extension: 3305

Education: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Bachelor of Arts - English Major, History Minor
Master of Education
Language Arts 10
LANGUAGE ARTS 10 Grade: 10; 2 Semesters, Required The literature units in LA 10 will include short stories, a graphic novel, and an extensive unit on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Second semester literature selections will include the Holocaust memoir, Night, a non-fiction piece called Chew on This and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. We will also complete a reading review unit in preparation for the MCA reading test in the spring. The writing component will focus on various small assignments throughout the year and a few multi-draft, larger assignments: a narrative, a comparative analysis, and creative writing. The sentence skills will include parts of the sentence, clauses and phrases, and complete sentences. Vocabulary and speaking skills will also be practiced. The speech will be a collaborative assignment between language arts and social studies. To fulfill the viewing component we will be analyzing a few films from history including a silent film, action/adventure film, and a western.

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