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Rodney Hommerding
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Mr. Rodney Hommerding Mathematics Instructor Co-Knowledge Bowl Coach Foley Senior High School Phone ext: 3322 email:

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Calculus A/B
CALCULUS A/B Grade: 12 Elective, 2 Semesters, Prerequisite = Pre-Calculus This class will cover differentiation and integration and their applications. It is an overview of the topics covered in a first year college calculus course. This course is for the highly motivated mathematics student.
Trigonometry & Algebra 2 Accel A/B
TRIG & ALGEBRA 2 ACCEL A/B Grades: 10, 11, 12; 2 Semesters, Prerequisite = Geometry Ability = Average and Above Average Students Students will be able to receive credit at St. Cloud Technical College for Algebra (Tech 1500) and Manufacturing Math (Tech 1522) if requirements are met. This course covers topics from Algebra 2, with an additional unit of study on trigonometry.

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