Foley I.S.D. #51 Strategic Plan

Mission Statement
The mission of the Foley Public Schools is to bring together students, parents, staff, and community to provide a quality education with an emphasis on developing the full potential of the individual.

Motto: Helping students succeed every step of the way.
Technology Integration
Goal: Integrate technology throughout the entire learning community to enhance student performance and achieve 21st Century excellence.
Description:  We believe that technology is a pathway to improved opportunity and future success. It is our responsibility to make sure that our learners have access to a high quality technological infrastructure and are immersed in a technology-rich course of studies.

  1. Adopt a technology plan that enhances the curriculum and promotes student achievement.
  2. Improve the technology infrastructure so students can effectively use the tools of technology available in meaningful ways.
  3. Provide training and other resources that support staff and students in continuous growth in the use of technology.
  4. Expand the use of technology and online learning to support student learning in specialized areas, career exploration, and life skills development.
  5. Deliver a technology program that prepares students to make good post-secondary career and continuing education choices.
  1. Wireless infrastructure update has been completed
  2. Google Trainings have been planned and implemented at the district and building levels
  3. Implemented Odysseyware at FHS for online coursework and credit recovery
  4. Implemented Minnesota Career Information software platform for grades 8-12
  5. Added technology staff member for greater student and staff support
  6. Updated to a new phone system
  1. District Technology plan is being worked on
  2. Research on a new student information system
  3. Adding student mobile labs
Career and College Preparation
Goal: Provide quality, high-level programs in a variety of educational settings to develop career pathways and life skills.
Description: It is our responsibility to prepare our learners in a fashion that they can realize their plans for a positive future through the development and delivery of a high-quality, comprehensive program of academic, co and extra-curricular, and community education programs.

  1. Embed life skills instruction throughout the curriculum so students are ready to enjoy success as they choose from a wide range of post secondary options.
  2. Expand elective and other course and program offerings across all levels of the district so that students have a wide variety of alternatives.
  3. Design program delivery schedules that promote and enhance student choices from available alternatives.
  4. Expand community education program support for k-12 student learning with a particular focus in specialized areas, career exploration, and life skills development.
  1. Conducting inventory of current life skills instruction as exists throughout curriculum
  2. Introducing required Health for 9th grade (2016-17) with emphasis on decision-making model in the formative high school year.
  3. Explore advisory period with life skills and career curriculum that can be delivered in a focused way to spread throughout curriculum (FIS and FHS).
  4. Review and offer new electives (two new courses offered in 2015-16, one new course offered 2016-17, discussions already taking place for 2017-18)
  5. Proposal to add Industrial Technology position for 2016-17 school year at both FIS and FHS to promote exploration in this area
  6. Proposal to add PE instruction at 7th/8th grade level for student exploration
  7. 9th grade students will spend outbound day at college and career on April 19, 2016.
In Progress:
  1. Creating Foley Public School Career and College Readiness Plan
  2. Convene key stakeholders to review and evaluate current master schedule (7 period day) in comparison to other potential models.
Personal Development
Goal: Invest in the whole individual to promote and develop each person’s social, emotional, mental and physical well-being.
Description: We are committed to nurturing the whole individual to be successful in all aspects of life. Individuals are leading increasingly complex lives and it is our duty to provide support where it is needed.

  1. Enhance and, where appropriate, expand counseling alternatives throughout the school system.
  2. Develop and implement plans that provide safe routes to and from school for all district patrons.
  3. Foster safe learning environments by upgrading procedures, systems, and structures.
  4. Enhance the food and nutrition program to insure delivery of high quality alternatives and promote healthy choices.
  5. Embed programs across the curricula that promote healthy lifestyle choices for all learners.
  1. 5-16  Additional FES Social Worker and Additional FHS Counseling time.
  2. 16-17 Additional .17 FTE additional FIS Dean of Students.
  3. 16-17 Additional .25 FTE additional FHS Dean of Students will return to FHS counselor's’ time for counseling students rather than performing other duties such as supervising the lunchroom as currently assigned.
  4. 15-16 Board approved $48,000  district contribution proposed grant. Specifically crossing across highway 23.  Location and  future routes TBD.
  5. 15-16 Implementation  of Concussion Protocol for activity students.
  6. 15-16 Implementation of  concussion baseline testing for athletes in grades 7-12.
  7. 15-16 Implementation of increased training support for students.
  8. 15-16 Board review and approval of board policies on monthly basis.
  9. 15-16 Fiscal procedures compliant with new federal regulations.
  10. 15-16 New employee evaluation (instrument) for district staff employees.
  11. 15-16 Implementing Board approved 3rd serving line for the FIS for improved nutrition via more quality lunch time and choices.
  12. 15-16 Summer food program for all  individuals that are 1-18 years of age.  Free breakfast and/or lunch revenue through USDA food and nutrition services and the MDE.
  13. 15-16 MN Dept. of Ag grant awarded to Foley High School for new equipment.
  14. 16-17 MN Dept. of Ag grant awarded to Foley Elementary School for new equipment.
  15. 15-16  National Breakfast week: Promotion of good nutrition and having breakfast in FES classrooms to promote breakfast as a healthy start of their day.
  16. 15-16  Promoting healthy food choices in terms of fruits and vegetables with samples during milk break at FES.
Wellness Committee Initiatives
      17. 15-16  Fitbit Wellness Incentive.
      18. 6 week challenge provide healthy lifestyle promotion for staff.
      19. Health & Benefit Fair promoted by the  Wellness Committee through Resource Training and Solutions funding.

In Progress:
  1. Pilot “Advisory Time” at Foley High School utilizing “Ramp up to Readiness” curriculum
  2. Plan structures at Foley Intermediate School for advisory time utilizing “The 7 Mindsets” curriculum
School and Community Engagement
Goal: Embrace the sharing of resources across the broader school community to improve connections between and among all partners.
Description: We are committed to strengthening relationships and building connections to increase involvement and opportunities that will improve both our district and the entire community.

  1. Assess and enhance two-way communications efforts in order to grow positive school/community relations.
  2. Expand Community Education alternatives targeted at meeting the needs of learners of all ages.
  3. Leverage strong relationships between a high quality staff and a caring community to the benefit of all learners in the district.
  1. Streamlined phone system
  2. DLT Phone Numbers and E-mails on the Website
  3. LERN-- evaluation of who we are serving through Community Education
  4. Greater advertisement of Community Education events
  5. Utilize professional organizations to consider best practices
  6. Community Education Advisory Council has provided insight into offerings
  7. Pre-school curriculum adoption
  8. Birth to 5 has their own brochure
  9. Regular participant in the Chamber of Commerce meetings 
In Progress
  1. Staff photos on the Website
  2. School Board biographies on the Website
  3. Survey Public
  4. Research other school district community engagement activities
  5. Utilize student perspectives
  6. Student Information System (Infinite Campus)
  7. District newsletters format change (By the Numbers)