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Foley Athletic Booster Club
Welcome to the Foley Athletic Booster Club (FAB) Website!

A little about our organization:
We are the longest standing charitable organization in Foley! Organized in 1948, this club has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours of volunteering to support all athletes (both boys & girls), and the athletic programs. Every cent raised is donated back to Foley Public Schools in support of our athletes. FAB Meetings are held at 8pm on the 1st Wednesday of each month at Mr. Jim's. Fee to join is $1 per year. Fee will be waived in cases of hardship.

Because of donating equally to both girls and boys programs, we are the only organization the school Athletic Department recognizes. We believe students involved in extra activities have a higher attendance and graduation rate. We understand a student's primary function is to get a good education, but we feel athletics and extra curricular activities help enhance the school experience of our student and their future.

Recent budget cuts and additional expenses have put a strain on our athletic budget. The need for outside money has increased dramatically! We need your help!


Pancake Breakfasts: Dates to be determined

Foley Falcon Pennants - $5.00
Pennants will be for sale at all home Girls & Boys Basketball games as well as at all Home Wrestling Matches

Hall of Fame Nomination Form