Foley Athletic Hall of Fame

Each year new members of the Foley Community are honored with induction into the Foley Athletic Hall of Fame.  These honorees might be past graduates with outstanding abilities or who were exemplary role models, coaches with amazing records, or community members who displayed unwavering support for our athletic programs.  The Hall of Fame Inductions take place in May of each year at the Athletic Banquet honoring our current athletes.  Nominations are taken at any time.

Hall of Fame Member Name and Year Inducted
(P denotes Player, C denotes Coach, At Large denotes Fan of distinction, financial giving, booster club participation)
Henry Bettendorf, P 1990 Dick Chmielewski, P 1999
Jim Dziuk, at large 1990 Mike Kasner, P 1999
Jack Ehrnst, P 1990 Tom Baron, P 2000
Jerry Grow, P 1990 Lois Bergstrom, P 2000
Norm Grow, P 1990 Jim Chmielewski, P 2001
Ken Parent, P 1990 Bill Kotsmith, P 2001
Dick Woichechowski, P 1990 John W. Svihel, at large 2001
Sev Youso, P 1990 Ted Garceau, P 2002
Roger DesMarais, P 1991 Syl Tomporowski, P 2002
Louise DesMarais, at large 1991 Kathy Callies, C 2003
Jack Moxness, P 1991 Harold Herbst, P 2003
Virg Trewick, C 1991 Amy Gorecki, P 2004
Len Trushenski, P 1991 Pam Gorecki, P 2004
Larry Brink, P 1992 Tim "Rocky" Gondek, at large 2005
Ken Cheeley, P 1992 Gail Winkelman Bialke, P 2005
Darien DeRocher, Athletic Director 1992 Mike Premo, C 2006
AR Ehrnst, C 1992 Leonard "Skip" DeMarais, P 2006
Mary Kay Wojchechowski-Franke, P 1992 Korney Ihnen, P 2007
Herbert "Larry" Cheeley, P 1993 Tom Keating, C 2007
Len Chmielewski, P 1993 Jesse Zimmer, C 2008
John Donovon, P 1993 Michael Kieffer, P 2008
Jim McGee, P 1993 Russell Weisser, Sr., at large 2009
Mike Ranweiler, P 1993 Matthew Emmerich, P 2009
Al Jensen, P 1994 Deb Bialke, P 2010
Severyn D. Youso, at large 1994 Leonard Brunn, P 2010
Ron Youso, P 1994 Rick Herbrand, P 2011
Laurie Callies, P 1995 Phil Svihel, P 2011
Pat D. Cheeley, Jr., P 1995 Holly (Gondeck) Gazette, P 2012
Dan DeMarais, P 1995 Conrad Emmerich, P 2012
Allen Dziuk, at large 1996 Jake Helmin, P 2013
Joe Gebhardt, at large 1996 Dan Svihel, P 2014
Kurt Deter, P 1997 Jack Schaefer, P 2014
Clifford "Ike" Niedzielski, P 1997 Michael Rybak, C 2015
Maria Ann Majka Burgess, P 1998 Jeremy LaVigne, 2016
Dr. Joseph Henry, P 1999 Lyle Freudenberg, 2017
Loren Scherbing, P 1999 Larry Herm, 2017

We are continuously taking nominations for the Hall of Fame!  Click here for a Nomination Form

Criteria for Nomination:
The requirements for consideration in the Hall are as follows:
  • Former Falcon Athlete, graduated at least seven years ago
  • Former Falcon Coach, retired
  • Falcon Athletic - Contributor
All Hall of Famer recipients are honored with a plaque displayed in the High School Main Lobby.