Foley Area Learning Center

Foley Alternative High School - Area Learning Center
131 5th Avenue South
Foley, MN 56329

High School Principal: Mr. Shayne Kusler
High School Office: 320-968-7246

ALC Coordinator: Mr. Steven Drake 320-968-4747
The Foley Alternative High School has an enrollment of 12 full full-time students in grades 9-12. The schedule consists of six 50 minute classes meeting five days per week, 8:10 am – 2:01 pm. Students generally take six classes a day at the ALC, but are encouraged to enroll in classes in the mainstream High School as well. Attendance is required every day on a full-time basis. Students must be a minimum of 16 years old to attend the Foley Alternative program.
Graduation Requirements – Class of 2009 and beyond
  • 44 semester credits including
  • 8 in Language Arts
  • 7 in Social Studies
  • 6 in Math
  • 6 in Science
  • 2 in Art/Music
  • 1 in Physical Education
  • Total required credits 30
  • Total elective credits 18
  • This is a seat-time program with a possible work-study component. Students are required to pass the MN competencies in reading, math and written composition.
  • Infinite Campus Parent Portal - Utilize this portal to see student progress at the Area Learning Center. Questions regarding login information should be directed to the Foley High School office.