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Foley Alternative Learning Center

Foley Alternative High School - Alternative Learning Center
131 5th Avenue South
Foley, MN 56329

High School Principal: Mr. Shayne Kusler
High School Office: 320-968-7246

ALC Coordinator: Mr. Steven Drake 320-968-8451
The Foley Alternative Learning Center has an enrollment of 15-20 full and part-time students in grades 10-12. The schedule consists of six 50 minute classes meeting five days per week, 8:00 am – 2:00 pm. Students can take as many as six classes per day at the ALC but are encouraged to enroll in classes in the mainstream High School as well. Attendance is required every day on a full-time basis. Students must be a minimum of 16 years old to attend the Foley Alternative program and meet other enrollment requirements. Credits can be earned via traditional classroom instruction or through computer based Independent Study.
Graduation Requirements – Class of 2020 and beyond
  • 44 semester credits including
  • 8 in Language Arts
  • 7 in Social Studies
  • 6 in Math
  • 6 in Science
  • 2 in Art/Music
  • 2 in Physical Education/Health
  • Total required credits 31
  • Total elective credits 17
  • This is a seat-time program with a possible work-study component. Students are required to pass the MN competencies in reading, math and written composition. Students at the Foley ALC have access to all academic and extra-curricular activities offered at Foley High School. Additionally, Foley ALC students have access to FHS support services including, but not limited to, school guidance and academic counseling, health services, career counseling, and post secondary education planning.
  • Infinite Campus Parent Portal - Utilize this portal to see student progress at the Alternative Learning Center. Questions regarding login information should be directed to the Foley High School office.