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Foley Alternative High School Enrollment Information

Applications may be obtained from the High School Guidance Office, the High School Principal, or at the Foley ALC building at 131 5th Avenue South, Foley, MN. Eligibility Criteria for enrollment in the Alternative Program are those listed for the Minnesota High School Graduation Incentives.

Eligible students are those:

• Performing substantially below performance on a local achievement test
• At least one year behind in satisfactorily completing course work
• Pregnant or a parent
• Assessed as chemically dependent
• Who have been physically or sexually abused
• Who have experienced mental health problems
• Who have been homeless sometime in the last six months
• With limited English proficiency or speaking English as a second language
• Referred by a school district for enrollment in an eligible nontraditional program
• Excluded or expelled

A steering committee reviews all applications and determines who is eligible for acceptance. When enrollment is full, eligible applicants are placed on a waiting list in order of high school credits. In other words, the student closest to graduation is given priority on the waiting list.