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Thanks for saving for FES!
We want to thank all of you that save General Mills Box Tops and Coborn's Labels for Learning/MORE School Rewards.  Those nickels and dimes really add up for us.  Last year we received over $7500 from the companies listed.  If you are wondering what FES does with these funds, here's a sampling of some of the expenditures from previous years:

  • Mileage stipend and lunches for Foster Grandparents - We have wonderful daily volunteers who work directly with students each day.

  • Books and prizes for children during "I Love to Read" month and "American Education Week".

  • Classroom collections of books for literacy circles.

  • Field trip or activity funds to help those that can't afford the fees.

  • Assemblies

  • Treats for testing

  • Playground equipment

  • Materials for the reading labs

You may drop off any of the above mentioned items in the elementary office.  Thanks for saving for our school.  We couldn't do most of these things that really benefit our students without these extra funds!
Want to collect for Foley Elementary Schools?
We have a number of fundraising efforts at Foley Elementary School and truly appreciate your support!
The following help our school:

  1. Spring Fundraiser - Beginning in the 2016-17 School Year, we will shift our major fundraiser to a Spring Fitness Fundraiser! This important activity will allow us to host our "Artist in Residence" programs and to help fund transportation costs for grade level field trips.

  2. My Coke Rewards for Schools - Parents and Community members may collect points through the MyCokeRewards program and turn those points over to Foley Elementary School to be redemmed.  With MyCokeRewars points, the FES school may order school items through donated points.  Parents & community members may enter their own codes at the website or points may be turned into the FES office.

  3. SunnyD Labels - Save 20 SunnyD juice labels and turn in to your child's classroom teacher to be redeemed for 20 Scholastic books.

  4. Coborn's MORE School Rewards- When you designate Foley Elementary as your preferred school, a portion of $150,000 will be granted to FES. 

  5. General Mills Box Tops for Education - We collect General Mills Box Tops - each one is worth 10 cents.  Look for the Box Tops coupon on many General Mills foods.  It's not just for cereal anymore.

  6. Recycle Your Printer CartridgesWe are excited to start a new and easy fundraising opportunity in our school. Cartridge World is asking parents, families, and staff to bring in their empty printer cartridges for the Recycling Rewards program.  In exchange for the empty cartridges, Cartridge World will pay the school based on the quantity collected.  We will have a recycling container in the Elementary office (next to the Labels for Learning Box) where you can turn in your used cartridges.  

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