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Foley Elementary School: The Building Blocks to Success

Our School: 
Foley Elementary has a Pre K-3rd grade enrollment.  We have approximately 550 students in grades K-3 and have almost 200 students enrolled in our preschool programs.  Foley Elementary School combines experience with passion, commitment, rigor and vision to create an excellent learning environment that is welcoming and safe for everyone. Our newly remodeled building has technology-rich classrooms and plenty of space for programs.

The staff is united and student-centered to help each child achieve their fullest potential. Our mission is to provide a solid foundation educating each student to become a responsible, healthy individual prepared to reach their full potential.

Our Students:  
Foley Elementary School students exemplify Foley's standards of excellence. Whether sharing exciting discoveries in the classroom, reaching a personal best, or developing friendships on the playground, they are constantly learning and growing while enjoying school. Our students continue to score significantly above the state average in both reading and math on the 3rd grade MN Comprehensive Assessments.

Our Parents and Volunteers: 
Parents are an integral and essential party of our school and are encouraged to be involved. We believe that a strong partnership between the school and home enriches the educational process and provides a greater sense of community. Parents can volunteer in the classroom or at home, making it a convenient, fun and satisfying experience. Our volunteers give continuously and truly are our partners in preparing our students to be successful in an ever-changing global world.