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Facility Use Requests

The schools belong to all of us. Encompassing a wide range of facilities, our buildings are one of the community's greatest assets. Allowing groups and organizations to utilize the school buildings and facilities is an important part of using our resources to the fullest extent.

Obtain a Facility Use Request Form by clicking on the link. You may obtain a form in person from the Community Education Office, 840 Norman Avenue North, Foley, or call 968-8619 to request that a form be mailed to you.

File the application with the Community Education Director at least seven (7) working days prior to the desired date of use in person, by mail or by email.

User and rental fees shall be determined by the schedule of fees at the time of application (see current policy handbook). Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of the scheduled use or you will be liable for the rental fee.

Once a date, time, and facility have been properly booked through and confirmed by the Community Education Director, those persons booking the facility will be assured entitlement to use that facility at the specified time.