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STEUP!!! Identification Process

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A variety of data determines whether a student in Foley Schools qualifies for services within the Step Up Program. The guidelines we use could identify 7-10% of our student population as benefiting from specialized programs to provide increased challenge. This encompasses a wide range of High Potential Learners.

Identification Process Used to Identify Students for Step Up Services:
  • All kindergarten students participate in K-PETS lessons (Kindergarten Primary Education Thinking Skills) four times during the school year.  This allows teachers to identify students who are displaying high potential behaviors.  This data is used to create first grade cluster classrooms.
  • All first grade students take the cogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) screener.  CogAT is a national test used to assess and identify gifted and talented learners.  Those who achieve at high levels on this screener, continue to take the full cogAT assessment.
  • Teachers submit checklists and work samples.
  • Parents will be asked to sign and grant various permissions and to complete a checklist.
  • An individual IQ test (WISC) is administered if additional data is needed.
  • Students who are referred (by a licensed staff member) after first grade will take an alternative achievement assessment (Woodcock Johnson).‚Äč
  • Additional assessment data is used including MCA and STAR data.
  • The Program Coordinator works with the Administrative liaison to make the final decision on services.
  • Once a learner is identified and parents sign permission for service, they qualify for services as long as the parents choose to have them participate.

 Updated 3/2015



Elementary Referral and Teacher Checklist

Elementary Parent Checklist

Intermediate and High School Referral and Teacher Checklist

Intermediate and High School Parent Checklist