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Transportation Department

Our transportation team takes the responsibility of ensuring that each and every one of our students has a safe, friendly, reliable means of transportation to and from school.  We strive to greet our students with a smile in the morning and wave them off to home at the end of each day.  

To help ensure the safety of our students, we require all parents to complete a transportation request form to inform the office of the typical plan for student transportation at the end of the day. Especially for young students, it is important for the end of the day plans to remain consistent. If any permanent changes need to be made during the school year, please contact the office to complete a new form. This needs to be on file in order for permanent changes to take place.

Download the Transportation Request Form Below (including Day Care Requests)
Director of Transportation: Mr. Kevin Seifermann
Phone: 320-968-8618

Operations Secretary: Ms. Chelsey Novak
Bus Technician: Chris Stang

Van Drivers
Karen Grow Laurie Fitzgerald Kim Henke Ryan Markfort
Debbie Spiczka Jean Fleck Barb Winkelman Bruce Thompson


Bus Drivers
Don Beehler Donita Beehler Pat Bonzelet Pete Bonzelet Robert Chmielewski Ann Christen
Emily Fernholz Harold Graham Scott Johnson Ruthann Kedrowski Joe Knapek Bruce Ogg
Arnie Symanietz Kevin Szafranski June Tesch Lisa Walcheski Emily Workman Cindy Wyatt
Les Fread          

Chris Stang