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Foley Intermediate School Student Organizations & Activities

Foley Schools is proud to offer a wide range of quality Fine Arts and Sports Activities to our students. Click on the links below to find out more information and/or coaches information for each of these activities.


Homework Helper 4th - 8th Most Mondays & Wednesdays Open to all FIS Students Ms. Heine
Jazz Band 6th - 8th Most Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7:30am Open to all FIS Students Ms. Darling
Marching Band 6th - 8th April through July On-going events Ms. Darling
Math Masters 5th - 6th 1 to 2 Wednesdays per month until March/April 5th & 6th graders pretest. Top 10 of each grade invited to join. Ms. Lahr
Pep Club 8th All year - meetings as needed FIS Students - Grade 8 Ms. Carlson-Maehren
Slide Show 8th All year - meetings as needed FIS Students - Grade 8 Mr. Robertson
Spelling Bee 4th - 8th Date TBD FIS Students Ms. Bentley
Sports (MSHSL) 7th - 8th As offered   Mr. Eric Inglis, AD
Strive 4th - 8th Most Tuesdays & Thursdays   Ms. Wruck  & Ms. Bentley
Student Council 6th - 8th All year - meetings 2x per month and events FIS Students - Grades 6th - 8th Mr. Kobienia

The seasonal activities have fees for participation. Families that qualify for free and reduced lunch also qualify for reduced activity fees. To participate, a student must register and complete the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) eligibility questionnaire on the Activities Homepage of our school website as well as provide a current MSHSL approved physical. Physical forms can be uploaded and sent during the registration process or dropped off at the high school office. Updated physicals are required every 3 years.

If you are interested in any of these activities, please check with the Activities Office for more information.