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Foley Intermediate School


Where Kids in the Middle Come First

Welcome to Foley Intermediate School. Foley Intermediate School opened in 2000 and houses students in grades four thru eight. We have approximately 700 students attend each day. Our school’s blended ages and facility gives us the opportunity to have a community based environment while operating independently as grade levels.
Our experienced and master educated staff is committed to help each child achieve their fullest potential through the mission of providing quality learning opportunities for all students is a safe, positive environment. Foley Intermediate incorporates many strategies to challenge our students within the classroom to achieve at their level. Foley Intermediate School is dedicated to using the technology students need to be successful in the 21st century.

Our students consistently perform very well on our standards based curriculum that is tested through the MCA’s. Beyond that, our students perform very well behaviorally in the classroom as Foley Intermediate School has many teacher, grade level and school wide incentive programs in place to reward students for good behavior.

Foley Intermediate School has many after school programs available to its students to help them reach our mission.  Community Education programs, extra-curricular and co-curricular, as well as a curriculum based extended day programs are available to all students. We mean it when we say kids in the middle come first and we will do what we can to make that happen.  Please feel free to call the office with any questions you have and our friendly staff will assist you in any way we can.