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Non-Food Rewards

Encouraging Kids With Non-Food Rewards

Kids naturally enjoy eating nourishing foods and being physically active. Schools and teacher can provide them with an environment that supports these healthy behaviors by using non-food rewards. Here are effective alternatives to offering food as a reward to an individual student or entire classes.

Read a book.
Sing a silly song together.
Start and maintain a vegetable garden.
Sit by friends.
Eat lunch outside as a class.
Dance to favorite music in the classroom.
Read outdoors.
Earn coupons for a drawing.
Listen with a headset to a book on audiotape.
Teach the class.
Listen to music while working.
Be first in line when the class leaves the room.
Have extra art time.
Make deliveries to the office.
Get a "free choice" time at the end of the day.
Enjoy class outdoors.
Play a favorite game or puzzle.
Have a teacher perform special skills (i.e. sing).
Have an extra recess.
Earn play money for privileges.
Have a teacher read a special book to the class.
Play a computer game.
Walk with a teacher or principal.
Earn a 5 minute chat time at the end of the hour.
Read to a younger class.
Be a helper in another classroom.
Take a trip to the treasure box (filled with stickers, pencils, erasers, bookmarks, etc.).
Get a "No Homework" pass.
Eat lunch with a teacher or principal.