Current FAB 500 Members
Thank you to the following sponsors:

The Insurance Shoppe
Ron & Cindy Zilmer and Family
Gaylen Jansen
Dean & Ruth Gabbert & Family
Chad & Glorene Weisser & Family
JNJ Construction: Jerry Benson
Focal Point Fixtures Inc.: Scott DeMarais
Scott, Briana & Kris DeMarais: ‘84,’83,’08
Philip & Michelle Svihel; ’73, ‘77
Rocky Gondek: ’69
Jenny Svihel: 2000
Dan Svihel: 2004
Karen Svihel: 1997
Lawrence Tomporowski: 1942
Mary Tomporowski: 1964
Thomas N. Tomporowski: 1967
Helen C. Bettendorf: 1940
Syl & Mary Tomporowsi: ’37,’40

Help us raise money for Foley Athletics and be memorialized on a plaque in the high school foyer.

Business/Corporate or Family Sponsor: $50.00
Individual Sponsor: $25.00

To become either an individual, family or business/corporate sponsor of Foley Athletics and be recognized as such, download the FAB 500 Registration Form at the link below. Complete and return as instructed on the form.