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FHS Scholarship News

Jim’s Team 4 Diabetes Foundation offers College Scholarships for up to $1,000 for students living with Type 1 Diabetes.
  • High School Seniors living in the USA with Type 1 Diabetes seeking a higher education at an accredited four-year university, college, technical, or trade school.
  • Current Undergraduate T1D Students that are registered either for Spring, Summer, or Fall classes during the calendar year 2023 at an accredited four-year university, college, technical, or trade school based in the USA are eligible.
  • Must be in good academic standing.
  • Letter from Physician or CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator) with application that certifies student’s diagnosis and endorses your ability to manage T1D. HbA1c is not a criterion.
  • Student to provide essay with application describing the impact Type 1 Diabetes has had on your life and why you should be considered for this scholarship.
Foundation Website Link:
Heisman High School Scholarship
Winning a Heisman High School Scholarship requires a weighted GPA of 3.0 or better, participation in at least one sport, and demonstrated leadership at school and in the community.
Deadline: October 18th
Hagan Scholarship Foundation!
Application Deadline December1, 2022. 
Eligibility Requirements 

1. Must be a citizen of the United States. 
 2. Must attend a public high school located in a city  or town having fewer than 25,000 residents and  whose outer boundary does not abut the outer  boundary of another city or town.  
3. Must have a 3.50 cumulative grade point average. 4. Must rank in the top 20% of the graduating class. 5. Must enroll at an eligible four-year college or  university the first semester following high school  graduation.  
6. Must maintain a four year or less graduation schedule. 7. Must work 240 hours during the twelve months  prior to fall semester college enrollment.
  8. Must provide the FAFSA SAR showing the EFC.  
9. Must apply for Federal and State grants if eligible.  
10. Must not have a felony conviction.
For more information visit  or pick up a brochure in the guidance office

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