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FHS Course Registration Information

The primary purpose of this registration handbook is to help you register for courses which will best meet your individual needs and interests as well as fulfill the basic requirements for graduation. It is strongly recommended that you develop a tentative plan of classes for each grade level of high school remaining. A well planned schedule takes time and effort. Give thought to what you plan to do after graduation and register with that in mind. Talk with your parents, counselor, teachers and friends and consider their advice in your planning. Scheduling conflicts or changes in your goals may result in alterations in your schedule, but with a well thought out plan you are much more likely to get the classes you want and need. Foley High School students are required to earn 44 credits in grades 9-12 in order to graduate (see chart on page 4). Students must earn 37 credits by the end of the 1st semester of their senior year to be listed on the graduation program. See page 4 of this handbook for additional graduation requirements.


 Course Registration

2022-2023 Course Registration Handbook